In Dental Terms; What Is Periodontitis

In dental terms, periodontitis is referred to as a serious gum infection. Listed periodontitis torrance dental records should show incidences of damaged gums and even badly affected jawbones. Periodontitis is listed as being quite common. But the good news is is that it is fairly preventable. The root cause of periodontitis has been put down to poor oral hygiene. Those who are guilty of this offence but have been fortunate enough to avoid this need to be warned.

Periodontitis could lead to the loss of teeth. And it is also a known risk factor for heart and lung disease. Now, how would you know that you might be on the verge of periodontitis? Look out for these symptoms; swollen, red and tender gums. And then go and book an appointment with your dentist should you have these symptoms.

After a complete dental exam (it does not require laboratory testing or imaging) this is how the dentist’s treatment will proceed. The dentist will clean all the pockets around the teeth. This cleaning will help to prevent further damage to the surrounding bone. But advanced cases of periodontitis may well require surgery. Whether mild or advanced, once dental treatment has been completed, the patient can expect full healing within a few months.

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But that is only going to happen if he or she continues to practice good oral and dental hygiene. And that usually means having to brush and floss no less than three times a day. Many people forego this essential practice. They are just too busy is what they all say. But for goodness’s sake, out of the twenty-four hours that you have been given, twenty minutes of your time is not asking much, surely. Always remember, your health is important.